October 4, 2018

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Necklace

My junior high days have come back to haunt me. Mini backpacks, plaid skirts, scrunchies, chokers, and overalls are everywhere. Admittedly, I'm happy about some of those things. But what makes me the happiest is seeing alien-themed items.

1.  You'll need a guitar pick, glow-in-the-dark spray, a Sharpie, a pencil, pliers, sealant spray, ball chain, a jump ring, and a metal hole punch. Optional items are a hammer, a nail, suede cord, a lobster claw, a jump ring, two small jump rings, and two end crimps.
2.  Punch or use a hammer and nail to create a hole in the guitar pick.
3.  Sketch oval eyes on the guitar pick.
4.  Spray the guitar pick with glow-in-the-dark spray. Allow the paint to dry for 15 minutes and spray another coat. Allow to dry for an hour.
5.  Trace and fill in the eye outline with a Sharpie.
6.  Spray the pick with sealant. Allow 15 minutes between coats. Allow to dry for an hour after the last coat.
7.  Attach the jump ring to the guitar pick.
8.  Optional: Use suede cord, end crimps, a jump ring, small jump rings, and a lobster claw to make a necklace.
9.  Slide alien pendant onto necklace.