June 5, 2012

How to Make Barefoot Sandals

For her beach wedding, my sister-in-law asked me to make barefoot sandals for her and my nieces.  It ended up being a pretty simple and fun project (until I ran out of beads).

1.  You'll need small plastic beads, stretch cord, a ruler, and scissors.
2.  Starting with about 18 inches of string cord, string on some very small beads.  I used about 40 seed beads for these.  Push them to the center of the cord.  These will form the loop around the toe.
3.  Bring the ends of the cord together and put them through a larger bead.
4.  String on a few more larger beads making a straight line.
5.  Separate the ends again.  Right now your sandal should look like a Y with a loop at the end.  Now you'll form the ankle strap.  String on more beads
6.  Slide the sandal onto your foot.  Knot the ends of the stretch cord together.

This is just one of many variations of the barefoot sandal.  They're popular accessories for beach weddings as well as just hanging out poolside.  Be sure not to use metal beads or charms, because they will get very hot in the sun.