May 7, 2013

DIY Rockabilly Headband

Do you have trouble finding headbands that stay on your head?  When I do find them, they usually dig into my head causing a headache later.  So, what's the solution?  A wire headband.

1.  You'll need a yard of fabric, scissors, measuring tape, craft wire, wire cutters (scissors work too), a needle, thread, and Fray Check (optional).
2.  Measure your head.  Mine was 21".  I added an extra 8" for twisting.
3.  Measure and cut out the length of your fabric.
4.  Now cut that piece to 6" wide.  This made my piece of fabric 29" x 6".
5.  Fold your fabric in half (3" wide) and make sure that the 'bad' side is facing out.  Cut a pointed tip at each end of the fabric.
6.  Sew your piece inside out either by hand or with a machine.  I chose to do a whip stitch.  Be sure not to sew the piece shut.
7.  Push your fabric through the open end to turn the fabric right side out.
8.  Measure a piece of  wire that is 1" longer than the length of your head measurement + the added 8".  Bend the wire at each end to make a loop.  This will prevent the wire from breaking through the material.
9.  Insert the wire into the fabric.
10.  Finish sewing the open end of the piece.
11.  Wrap your headband around your head and twist!

I seriously love these.  I've made two so far, and a third is on its way.