August 1, 2018

DIY Flamingo Headband

It's been a while! This project is the first post in five months. As of tomorrow, this site will go back to its original address of The reason? Life changes... especially in nine years since creating this blog. Projects, jewelry, and roadside adventures will still be posted, just less frequently.

Now, onto the project.

1.  You'll need a template, headband, pink felt, black felt, pipe cleaners, large pom pom, needle, black thread, pink thread, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, white fabric paint, and black fabric paint. (The headband and pom pom pencil came from the dollar store.)
2.  Cut out two circles from pink felt.
3.  Cut out two head and two beak pieces.
4.  Hot glue the beak pieces to the head pieces.
5.  Use black thread to sew the beak pieces together.
6.  Cut out three feather pieces.
7.  Use pink thread to stitch the head pieces together. Insert the pipe cleaner before stitching shut.
8.  Stitch the head to the pom pom.
9.  Glue one of the circle pieces to the underside of the headband. Glue the other circle to the topside of the headband over the other piece.
10.  Glue the three feather pieces to the top circle.
11.  Glue the pom pom to the top circle piece.
12.  Use the fabric paint to add closed eyes and white beak details.