August 26, 2014

Queen of Hearts Bow Necklace

Here's a fun craft for the Alice in Wonderland/card game fans.

1.  You'll need a playing card, washi tape, a small hole punch, scissors, pliers, chain, and jewelry findings.  You can always switch out the chain and jewelry findings for string.
2.  Begin by folding a playing card along the long edge of the card.
3.  Now fold the card backward.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 to the other edge of the card.
4.  Your card should now have an accordion fold.
5.  Find the middle of the folded card and press down with your fingers.
6.  Cut off a piece of washi tape and wrap it around the middle.
7.  Fan out the folded ends.
8.  You should now have a bow.
9.  Punch a hole in the top two corners of the bow.
10.  Attach a small jump ring and chain (to your desired length) to one of the holes.  Repeat on the other side.
11.  Find the middle of the chain and pull it apart.  Attach jump rings and a clasp.
12.  Your necklace is ready to wear.