May 8, 2012

How To Make Feather Moccasins

Those decorative moccasins are really cute but usually way overpriced.  A older pair of my moccasins were looking a little rough, so I thought it would be fun to give them a facelift.

1.  You'll need a pair of moccasins, scrap leather, scissors, shoelace (optional), needle, thread, and tweezers (optional).  For the needle, you can use a leather needle or regular needle.  I actually find the leather needles to be more difficult.
2.  These first few steps are optional.  The lacing around my shoe was very stiff, and I wanted to replace it with a softer shoelace.  First, I needed to remove it.
3.  Relace the shoe with the new shoelace.
4.  I had a few trouble spots when trying to relace my shoes and needed to use tweezers.
5.  Fit your moccasin onto your foot and tighten the new laces.  Tie the ends in a knot.  Repeat steps 2-5 for the other shoe.
6.  Cut some simple feather shapes out of scrap leather.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  It's best to use sharp fabric scissors.
7.  Start with one feather and stitch it onto your shoe.  Move onto the next feather.  Repeat this step for the other shoe.

Of course you don't have to use feathers at all.  Try another shape or maybe a cute animal face.  Also try changing up the placement if you like.  Hope you enjoyed this one!