March 27, 2012

How to Make Felt Pinwheels

My friend asked if I could make her some pinwheel bobby pins for her short hair.  They turned out to be very simple to make.  I ended up making several in different colors.

You'll need scissors, felt, a needle, thread, beads/buttons (optional), hot glue gun (optional), and bobby pins.

1.  Cut a small square out of your felt.  The size is up to you.
2.  Cut a slit at each corner of the square.  Do not cut all the way.
3.  You'll now have four triangle shapes in your square.  Fold in a corner of one of the triangles towards the center.
4.  On the triangle to the right of the first one, fold in a corner.  Place this corner on top of the previous corner.
5.-6.  On the next two triangles, repeat step 4.
7.  All of the corners should be stacked creating the pinwheel shape.
8.  Using your needle and thread, sew the corners in place.  You can add a bead or button for decoration.
9.  Attach your bobby pins.  This can be done a number of ways.  *For mine, I cut out a small circle of felt and hot glued it to the pinwheel with the bobby pin sandwiched in between.  These bobby pins had a flat pad on them which is perfect for crafting.  If you choose to use regular bobby pins, you can sew them on.

Instead of hair accessories, the pinwheels could be glued to a stick as a decoration or sewn to elastic to make a ring.  :)