January 10, 2012

DIY Vinyl Record Clock

Have you ever wanted a vinyl record clock?  I've been dying for one for so long!  Luckily for me, I had a duplicate of a record and decided to make one.  Here's how to make one for yourself.

What you'll need:
*record - 33 1/3 rpm works best
*clock parts
*hot glue gun (optional)
*small file (optional)
*paint and paint brush (optional) 

For this project, I used a clock parts kit from a hobby store.  If you can't find one at a local store, you should be able to find a kit online.  You could also take apart an unwanted clock and use its parts for this.

1.  Place your clock mechanism on a flat surface.  Slide a black rubber washer over the hand shaft of the mechanism.
2.  Insert the hand shaft through the hole of the record.  If you want to make sure that the record stays in place, use a little hot glue between the record and the mechanism.  The record used here was a bit of a snug fit so I had to file down the hole slightly.  Place a brass washer over the hand shaft then slide on a hex nut.
3.  Place the hour on the shaft and make sure it's in the 12:00 position (you can adjust from the back).  Add the minute hand and minute hand nut.  Be sure the the minute hand is also in the 12:00 position.
4.  Press the second hand (if included in kit) through the minute hand nut.
5.  Add batteries and your clock is complete!  Now you can paint on numbers or other decorations if desired.

Hope you like this one!  Our clock proudly hangs in our kitchen.  :)